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Solar Defense Residential Glass Tinting


Today's homes are designed to introduce sunlight from all angles. 3M Window Films protect the interior of your home, add privacy, improves comfort and safety. Our films block up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays that can fade drapes, furniture, artwork and even flooring. Think of our film as sunscreen for your furnishings. Fade protection is an important reason why interior designers often recommend our window films. They protect their client's investment and their professional reputation. Your home is where you should feel most comfortable. Yet heat, cold and glare can make your favorite room the last place you want to be. With 3M Window Films, you can make your home a more comfortable place to be all year-round. Our films reduce up to 78% of the sun's heat that comes through the windows by reflecting it away from your home. By reducing the heat, you can also reduce your air conditioning costs. 3M Window Films can also be easy on the eyes, our films can help reduce annoying glare up to 93%. The final comfort you will enjoy is the peace of mind that comes when you buy your window film backed by an impressive warranty and the good name of 3M. Keeping your family and home out of harm's way is 3M Safety and Security Window Film's first and most important task. In areas prone to the impact of unwelcome elements like severe weather and vandalism, 3M Safety and Security Window Film is particularly effective at protecting your windows. Our film helps turn all of your windows into storm windows. In destructive weather, one of the greatest dangers to your family is the threat of broken glass. All of our window films help hold the glass in the frame when struck to help prevent flying glass and dangerous shards. They are very resistant to penetration and tearing, providing your family with additional protection from water damage.

Why Tint


Reduce Fading

  • Reduce heat, ultraviolet and visible light - the 3 main contributors to fading. Help maintain the appearance of fabrics, flooring, furniture and fine art. Our UV protection is tested and proven to last. In fact, we warrant the life time of the film.

Improve Overall Comfort

  • Make it easier to see your TV or enjoy your view without eyestrain. Great for waterfront or view properties! Lets in the light that you want and keeps out the UV, heat and glare that you don't want.
  • Allow you more daytime privacy if you feel like you live in a "fishbowl".

Lower Energy Costs

  • Dramatically reduce the amount of solar heat entering your home. Make it easier for your air conditioner or even a cool breeze to make you more comfortable. Scotchtint All Season "Low E" films reduce winter heat loss and save you money all year.

Make Glass Safer and More Secure

  • 3M Scotchshield is the only security film that resists puncturing and tearing. This helps reduce the hazard from shattering glass and makes the glass tougher for a burglar to break through.
  • Patented micro layering gives it much more strength than any other film of equal thickness.